Series of Lenses combining functions of Focusing the Laser Heating beam and spectroradiometric temperature measurements

With these unique achromatic lenses it is possible to focus the radiation of IR-laser beam used for heating of a sample and, simultaneously, create the image of that sample for further analyzing with using a spectrometer or other instrumerits.

Diffraction limited correction level for both optical paths: laser heating and temperature measurements.

Optimized operation spectral bands:
  • 1020 - 1100 nm for the heating channel
  • 600 - 900 or 400 - 700 nm for the channel of the spectroradiometric temperature measurements.

Focusing+Temperature Measuring!

No more problems with Chromatic Shift!

 Technical Specifications

Model geoHEAT 100_NIR 60_VIS 100_VIS
Type Achromatic lenses
Input Clear Aperture 19 mm
Focal Length, mm (at 1064 nm) 102.0 61.6 99.1
Working Distance, mm (from last mechanical surface to Focus) 92.0 57.0 88.0
F Number 5.4 3.2 5.2
Overall Dimensions 30 / 17.5 30 / 25.5 30 / 17.5
Optimum spectral range, nm 600 - 900, 1020 - 1100 400 - 700, 1020 - 1100
Other features
  • Achromatic for design wavelengths, reduced chromatic shift
  • Optimized for purposes of focusing the near-IR radiation
  • Diffraction limited for the working spectral bands
  • Compact design
  • No cemented doublets
  • Extended back focal length (distance from last optical surface to focal plane)
  • Optimized to compose relay imaging optical system with a lens from BK7 of 500...1500 mm focal length
  • Optimized for operation in geoHEAD - combined system for heating and spectroradiometric temperature measurements
Applications Laser Heating in studies of physical properties of materials (for example, minerals) under high pressure and high temperature in combination with spectroradiometric temperature measurements.
Mounting External Thread M27x1 (M24x1 for modification of geoHEAT 100_NIR)
Weight < 100 g

Example of imaging layout, magnification -12.5

Example of imaging layout, magnification -12.5

Comparison of Chromatic Focal Shift Lens from Fused Silica

Comparison of Chromatic Focal Shift


geoHEAT 60 geoHEAT 60

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