Optica Laser Congress and Exhibition

October 20 - 24, 2024
Osaka, Japan

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About Us

AdlOptica GmbH works in field of Multi-focus and Laser Beam Shaping Optics finding numerous industrial and scientific applications. Result of 20-year experience - more than 100 models of piShaper, foXXus, aplanoXX, quattroXX systems: almost 100% efficiency, spectrum UV to IR, power up to kW, CW or pulse lasers, achromatic design, variety of flat-top and donut spots, low sensitivity to misalignment.

AdlOptica is locating in Adlershof, Berlin, Germany's leading science and technology park.

Prism Award


FoXXus is a highly flexible optics tool that gives lasers improved process performance at lower costs.


AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH
AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH
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E-mail: info@adloptica.com


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